Algorhythm feat. Vangosh - I Dont Know How Original Mix

Algorhythm feat. Vangosh - I Dont Know How (Original Mix)

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Текст песни Algorhythm feat. Vangosh - I Don't Know How (Original Mix)

Im so confused
You still my heart
For run away
Come back
Come back and live
And explain for the cram you deed
You word my world
Youve just betray
Everything you have
You say
That you and be
They released some a next to dream

I dont know how
Turn you back
I dont know how
I hope Im fine
And waiting
to track
You attention in

All wrong Its true
Still can believe whats happening
It seems
Like you
And I dont know what to do
Some day
I wish
Youll understand
What low of this?
What you?
What you make means?
If you dont give a translate?

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